The time it takes to recover from an injury varies tremendously, and can be stressful and frustrating for the patient. Therapeutic massage aims to reduce recovery time in patients by working on injured tendons, muscles, joints, ligaments, joints, and skin, resulting in increased flexibility and blood flow to the injured area. Massage also promotes relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress. Below are a few of the most common injuries that can be treated using massage therapy.

Back Injuries: Back injuries can occur from pressure around the spine and muscles simply from sitting too long, poor posture, from motor vehicle accidents, etc. Massage therapy assists in reducing back pain by targeting the specific area of the injury.

Sports Injuries: Common among athletes and exercise enthusiasts, these injuries tend to involve ligaments and tendons, and the surrounding tissues and muscles. Massage therapists work on the specific areas affected by the injury, to lessen the pain and promote healing.

Neck Injuries: Soft tissue strains of the neck are very common, caused by simply sleeping wrong, twisting or turning it the wrong way, or sitting in one position for long periods can easily cause neck pain. Massage can reduce the symptoms of pain and stiffness, helping to reduce inflammation. They are very relaxing as well.

Sciatica: Sciatic pain is a result of the sciatic nerves in the lower back being pinched or irritated. Professional massage therapists work to loosen the involved muscles, which helps prevent further symptoms from occurring.

Repetitive Strain Injury: Repetitive movement may result in soft tissue strains in the hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and back. Pain, numbness, tingling, or tightness are often the result. Massage therapists try to reduce or eliminate the pain using specialized techniques and by educating the patient about the importance of prevention.

Rotator Cuff: A rotator cuff injury often results in surgery followed by physical therapy. Patients can benefit from massage therapy too, which works to reduce scar tissue that forms as a result of the surgery itself. This reduces post-surgery pain, promoting faster healing of the shoulder.

Tennis Elbow: Tennis elbow is often diagnosed as a result of a strain in the elbow area, which is the result of bending the wrist backwards repetitively, resulting in tendon and muscle overuse. Massage therapy, used in tandem with physical therapy, assists in reducing swelling and inflammation of the affected area.

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